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Work in Progress ~ Australian Waratahs in Watercolour!

I was recently inspired by the blossoms of our state flower~  the gorgeous and vibrant native Australian Waratahs! I am going to walk you through what I did step-by-step to create my impression of this amazingly colourful and lovely flower.

Step 1: Roughly draw out the parameters of the subject in pencil on watercolour paper. I used a full sheet of Arches Rough 300 gsm.

Step 2: Lay in the background and shadow colours in the first wash.

Step 3: Start dropping in the local colour, keeping it as loose as possible for as long as possible!

Step 4: Let the medium work its magic by not trying to over control it and letting the paint mix and mingle with its friends.

Step 5: Cut out some custom shapes from old x-rays to create the lighter stamen areas.

Step 6: Lift and wipe back the areas you wish to bring back some light, create form and volume with a natural sea sponge,  x-rays and a paper towel.

Step 7: Strengthen the design with darks and a pattern of dark and lights that lead the eye in and through the painting!

Step 8:  Voila! We have lift off!!

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