G'day and welcome to my website!

I will share a little bit about myself here…

I was born and raised in California and moved to Australia in 1984 with my new husband to develop a cotton farm in the outback. We lived there for 15 years and had three sons in 3 years~ busy times! We then moved to Mudgee and put in a 200 acre vineyard. So I feel I have a real connection to the country and really enjoy painting the landscape in all its moods and changing seasons.

In 2019 I lost my husband to brain cancer and I moved to the coast at Palm Beach/Sydney for a fresh start. I love living at the beach and am enjoying the change of lifestyle and so many new subjects to paint.

I have always painted and had my first exhibition when I was 16 in California. When I had young children I switched from oils to water media because it was easier to clean up and put away quickly when I did not have a studio and painted on the kitchen table.

Georgia Mansur Australia

Although I am well versed in most media, I have a passion for water media and particularly painting en plein air (outdoors) for the immediate visual feedback and immersion experience. Using all my senses to observe, absorb, and interpret a scene into how it makes me FEEL is what I try to paint~ responding to what I see rather than making a photographic representation. Plein air painting is fast, fresh, and exhilarating~ the goal being to capture the essence of what is before you amidst changing light, weather and not always pleasant conditions~ something only the heartiest of painters can manage. There is nothing like it to make you feel totally alive and connected to Nature when you are trying to capture the moment!


Georgia Mansur plein air

When I began teaching I quickly realised how beneficial traveling with water media is to clean everything up in soap and water and no hassle in airports with flammable or dangerous chemicals. Plus, I love the magical way water moves the paint around and all the incredible things you can do to layer and lift, along with the beauty of its transparency vs. opaque qualities.


For the 15 years or so before the global pandemic, I was teaching somewhere around the world for a combined total of about 8 months of the year. Now that things are beginning to change, I am slowly adding in more travel and teaching internationally and domestically. Please check my workshops and events page for more updated information and details and consider signing up for my quarterly newsletter.

I hope we will meet in person whether in one of my workshops or retreats or through my paintings for sale in galleries in Australia and overseas. Please explore and enjoy my website and feel free to drop me a line or two if you wish to book me for teaching a workshop in your area or are interested in purchasing my paintings. Always happy to accomodate if possible!

Although my degree is actually in Communication Studies I started taking Summer school classes at the nearest university and studied all kinds of media with some of Australia’s best artists over about 20 years. I also studied overseas with Masters in Italy and the United States and Australia privately to hone my skills and broaden my knowledge.

Additional Information

  • International Award Winning Artist
  • Competed in Plein Air events in the USA, recipient of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Assoc of the Walker Scholarship for Excellence
  • Faculty member and presenter at the International Plein Air Conventions in Monterey, San Diego, San Francisco, California, Tucson Arizona and Santa Fe New Mexico in 2022
  • Artist in Residence, Emirates Wolgan Valley/Blue Mountains Australia (created program in 2012-and teach on-call when needed).
  • Artist in Residence Cunard Cruise Line, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria.
  • Artist in Residence Cable Beach Resort, Broome, Western Australia
  • Keynote presenter at the Commonwealth Bank Women in Business Conference Noosa, Qld
  • Presenter at the National Rural Women’s Network Convention, Canberra, Australia
  • Keynote presenter Susan K Black Foundation, Wyoming USA and also on Global Zoom
  • Trained and certified International Golden Artist Educator, Golden Artist Colors/New York
  • International Ambassador for Daniel Smith Paints, creating the ‘Georgia Mansur Palette’ by Daniel Smith Paints, Seattle.
  • Created an instructional painting DVD filmed in Oxford UK by APV Films
  • Co-created signature Georgia Mansur Brushes by Rosemary&Co Brushes in the UK.
  • Featured in international magazines Plein Air, Watercolor, Southwest Art,
  • Contributor Australian Artist Magazine
  • Featured in Blogs, Podcasts, Interviews ABC Radio Outdoor Painter, Artsy Shark, Southwest Art, etc
  • Featured in North Light Art books, including ‘SPLASH’ and ‘Exploring Colour’
  • Exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, Brisbane, Mudgee, Orange, Blue Mountains, Provence
  • Teaching Workshops/Retreats in Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Greek Islands, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia


Georgia feels painting is about communication - not so much a photographic copy but more story telling and how the subject makes you feel - putting your emotions and mood into the painting and making it very personal and moving. Students have nicknamed Georgia ‘the Art Whisperer’ because she helps them express their creative passions and develops a deeper connection with themselves and nature.